“Smartkid Records” Kick Start The Summer with New Rhythm!

Every now and then a rhythm comes along that encapsulates a great moment in time. That rhythm now is the "Set it Off Riddim". The official release date is (06/30/2017). Producer "Smartkid" must be commended for the quality production evidenced in the "Set It Off...

Recording Artiste: Shanee Lambert aka “Neika”, Is fast Making A Name For Herself With Her Hot New Single “House A Bun Down”

Neika shows a great form with her sweet-voiced and strong vocals range with this hot single Titled "House A Bun Down" she underlined that "Nuh Gyal Nuh fi a knock Pon her Door......yuh Nuh see a style she a used, bout house a Bun down". She makes it clear that she have her baygon a wait. While embraced the strength of all independent "Good up-Good up women and young girls", With her unique style of music, everyone can relate to this song, from young to old can dance to it. This song is definitely a club banger with a real party and conscious vibes.

2016 Album Called “The Majestic Riddim” from the Smartkid Records Label, Nuh Normal

Smartkid Records label and multipurpose Recording Studio Located in Portmore Jamaica, Highly recommended for their quality works in the music industry. Will have their first 2016 release From the Smartkid Records Camp, Called "The Majestic Riddim". The official Release date is not announce has yet but the PRE-SALE  Date Begin on February.12. 2016 on iTunes, Worldwide. It's features Lutan Fyah, JoJo Mac, Runkus, Jr Blessington and more.

Growing Peaches In Oxfordshire by Nik Barrell

'Growing Peaches In Oxfordshire is singer-songwriter Nik Barrell’s homage to the positive powers of music. It’s an EP of five songs, themselves sweet and tender as a bowl of peaches… The songs are also authentic in the way they are recorded: live in one session, without studio retakes. This approach emphasizes the energy of the moment, a key part of Nik Barrell’s optimistic philosophy… And these songs are happy, they are about hope, and pleasure. They ask you to believe that positive actions will have positive consequences. They bring together a weightless nostalgia and a lively feeling of presence, as if to say, happiness does not have to be a thing of the past.' (Wessie Du Toit)

Super Sick Records December Press Release

'Tis the season to get EFFING jolly! Full disclosure: we seriously love Christmas here at Super Sick. If it involves peace and goodwill to all mankind, that's something we can definitely get behind. The fact that it also involves lots of rich, gouty food and drums of creatively-flavoured alcohol may also have a bit to do with it. Perhaps. Luckily, Christmas and good music also go hand in hand - and don't we know it. This month, aside from girding our loins for the inaugural Super Sick Christmas Party, we've decided to do something a bit different: instead of one new artist on this month's EP, we've got together five sets of musicians to give the Super Sick treatment to five Christmas classics.

Super Sick Records November Press Release

Beach Talk is twenty-four year old singer/songwriter, Jim Heard. Hailing from Devon, his mix of popular punk-influenced acoustics and hopeful melodies gives him a firm platform to stand on. Having self-released two EPs previous to this, he is very excited to now be releasing his third EP ‘Best Of Both’ (containing a mix of the previous EP’s alongside one previously unreleased track) on Super Sick Records. What Super Sick Records say: Beach Talk is one of those musical projects that smacks of complete authenticity behind thoughtful tunes.

New EP by UK Band – One Man Boycott – If Only You’d Stay

NEW BAND, NEW EP 'If Only You'd Stay' Internationally-acclaimed producer, Romesh Dodangoda (Twin Atlantic, Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout) has picked up and recently finished producing the new single for rising UK pop-punk outfit, One Man Boycott. The track, ‘If Only You’d Stay’ is the first for a new album, due in 2015.

Sofia Kourtesis launches debut solo EP „Cambios“

Sofia is to present her debut solo EP „Cambios“ later this year, to be released on label; a move that will further-establish her talent as producer, as well as her unique vision of House, whose flair and character let it sail over the ear drums and deep into the ventricles.


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