Not only do many roads lead to Rome, they also lead to behind the DJ booth.
Before reaching this point, multi-talent Sofia Kourtesis, with Greek and Peruvian roots, started out by organizing University parties, booking her favorite indie and electro bands for renowned Hamburg clubs; Prinzenbar, Docks and Große Freiheit 36.
And because a key ingredient to any successful party is of course a great DJ, Sofia simply placed herself behind the decks and through the process of learning by doing, she discovered a real penchant for mixing.
Even from a very young age, Sofia grew inextricably intertwined with the world of music. It all began with the record collection of her father, which ranged from Pink Floyd to Kraftwerk, as well as the influence of her aunt, a pianist, who gifted her with the passion for melody and sound along the way.


This lead Sofia not only from Hamburg to Berlin and New York, but also as DJ, once around the entire globe.
Korea, Israel, Peru, England and the USA are just some of the names to be found under her references alongside the likes of Melt and Dockville, as well as numerous other world-renowned German festivals.
Not only on the dance-floor but also at countless corporate events in fashion and lifestyle, has Sofia proven her unique sense for the public and location.
During her DJ sets she takes the listeners and dancers with her, on a journey along exciting and little-known pathways, interweaving pop-minded house, enthusiastic techno and mysterious electro. Diversely warm, yet rhythmically intense in sensation and impulse – her music is noticeably sophisticated yet simultaneously refreshing.


However, mixing alone has long proved insufficient for Sofia, as a sole outlet for her creativity.
Alongside, she can long-since be found singing behind the mic, adding that little something to the tracks of Gold Panda among others, or working on her very own fashion collection.
In addition, Sofia is to present her debut solo EP „Cambios“ later this year, to be released on label; a move that will further-establish her talent as producer, as well as her unique vision of House, whose flair and character let it sail over the ear drums and deep into the ventricles.

You can purchase the EP digital in, physical at Roughtrade from the 7th of November.
EP Setlist:

Broken Houses
Las Magnolias